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Topic 8 - STEM+ and Metaliteracy and Metaliteracy Closing Remarks


Anthony Maddox

Betty Hurley-Dasgupta

Holly Ludgate

Samantha Adams Becker


Dates: December 2-18


Recent reports have indicated that occupations in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) area will grow by around 17% over the next ten years. However, the US still lags behind many other countries in the STEM capabilities of its citizens. We need to improve STEM education for learners of all ages.

 Jim Vanides of HP wrote a blog post, entitled, “STEM is dead: Long Live STEMx.” In his blog, the “x” represents all the other areas that potential and current workers in the STEM area need. In terms of academic disciplines, this includes Computer Science as well as new areas of discovery and development like Design for Sustainability, Nanoscience, and BioTech. But, then there are essential skills, such as those involved in creativity, collaboration and communication. And, Jim adds 21st century skills, such as problem-solving, inquiry and computational thinking.

Many of these “x” skills connect with the skills within metaliteracy. STEMx communication and inquiry skills correlate with those connected with metaliteracy. In addition, the collaboration aspect of metaliteracy connects well with this aspect in metaliteracy. Yet, a Google search on “STEMx and Metaliteracy” returns no matches.

 A panel of four will share their perspective on this topic. All panel members are HP Academy Fellows and have created mini-courses to help teachers encourage STEMx thinking in their students. Anthony Mattox is a professor at the USC Rossier School of Education and, through his work, has advocated for STEMx learning. Holly Ludgate and Samantha Adams Becker, both from New Media Consortium, will talk about their course, “Applications of Social Media for STEMx Teaching.” Betty-Hurley-Dasgupta will then share how ePortfolios can be used to improve STEMx competencies, focusing on competencies connected with metaliteracy.


Readings and Viewings

HP Catalyst

New Media Consortium

STEM is Dead: Long Live STEMx

Growth of STEM Occupations




Applications of Social Media Into STEMx Teaching





MOOC Talk:






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