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Topic 4 - Connecting Visual Literacy to Metaliteracy


R. Brian Stone

Dates: October 14-27


As a comprehensive and unifying framework, metaliteracy is linked to a range of related literacy types, such as visual literacy and media literacy. Rather than think of every new literacy as disconnected from a core literacy, metaliteracy allows us to think of relevant connections and relationships among literacies to promote a more complete and all-encompassing approach to learning. Do we really need a new literacy type for every new technology that emerges? Wouldn’t we benefit from finding appropriate connections among related literacies to gain a more complete picture of our own learning? Today’s dynamic social media environments are visual, virtual, textual, and aural, requiring us to think in new ways about the associations among literacy types. This session will be led by R. Brian Stone, Associate Professor, Department of Design, at Ohio State University, and will provide us with an in-depth exploration of visual literacy as it relates to metaliteracy.


Readings and viewings:

The Beauty of Data

Information is Beautiful

ACRL Visual Literacy Standards for HE

Intractive Visualization


MOOC Talk:



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