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Topic 3.1 – Openness and Metaliteracy

Mark McBride and Michele Forte

Dates: September 30-October 6


Developments in open learning, open publishing, and Open Educational Resources (OERs) have radically transformed our understanding of information in the era of social media, networked learning, and emerging technologies. Information is now fluid, mutable, and collaboratively produced and shared.  This revolution in openness offers incredible potential for the creative design of digital materials with original and repurposed content using open media tools.  It also allows for collaboration among media-makers, authors, musicians, artists, designers, and educators.  By opening education we open opportunities for access and literacy on a global scale.  For instance, the Creative Commons has transformed how contributors license and share open content, empowering the producer of information to make informed choices about what they search and create online. In addition,  a variety of OER sites have emerged providing new opportunities for sharing materials for teaching and learning.  At the same time. we are presented with challenges in how to promote openness while having a critical understanding about how to search, create, and share, open and collective resources.  What are the ideal resources for doing so and how do we address intellectual property issues in such a free flowing environment?  How does the self-reflective learner make sense of so many information choices while developing a critical thinking perspective about open access? What is the role of the library and librarians in integrating open materials into the learning experience?  How do we credential open learning experiences?  Metaliteracy foregrounds openness as a central part of this integrated framework by preparing metaliterate learners to effectively differentiate among a range of resources in open contexts and to apply repurposed information in original expressions using technology resources that make sense.  This approach emphasizes the importance of understanding information in a variety of environments and to adapt to changing technologies.  The metaliterate learner is continuously reflective and open to evaluating information in diverse contexts and to create meaning out of these materials for active conversations and contributions in participatory settings.


Readings and Viewings

Open Education Resources: Opening Access to Knowledge


OER Commons

Open Educational Resources InfoKit


MOOC Talk:

  • Wednesday, 2 October: Live Session in Blackboard Collaborate Topic: Global Perspectives with Mark McBride and Michele Forte
  • Time:8:00 p.m. Moscow; 5:00 p.m. London; 12 noon New York; 9:00 a.m. Los Angeles; midnight Thursday Beijing




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