Topics and Schedules


MOOC SCHEDULE: MOOC Talks Wednesday at noon Eastern time, unless otherwise arranged

Week of August 26

            University at Albany UUNL300x Sections Meet


Topic 1:  Metaliteracy From Theory to Practice Plenary

                     September 2-15

                     Live session MOOC Talk 4 September



Topic 2:  The Metacognitive Dimension of Metaliteracy

                    September 16-29

                     Live session MOOC Talk 18 September

                with Char Booth, Tom Mackey and Trudi Jacobson


Topic 3.1: Openness and Metaliteracy

                 September 30-October 6

                Live session MOOC Talk 2 October

                with Mark McBride and Michele Forte


Topic 3.2:  A Global Perspective on Metaliteracy

                    October 7-October 13

                    Live session MOOC Talk 7 October

               with Paul Prinsloo


Topic 4:  Connecting Visual Literacy to Metaliteracy

                    October 14-27

                     Live session MOOC Talk 16 October

                with R. Brian Stone


Topic 5:  Media and News Literacy

                October 28-November 3

                      Live session MOOC Talk 28 October

                 with John Delano and Rex Smith


Topic 6:  Digital Storytelling and Metaliteracy

               November 4-17

                     Live session MOOC Talk 6 November

                with Bryan Alexander and Nicola Allain


Topic 7:  Tech:nature literacy: Technobiophilia

                   November 18-December 1

                    Live session MOOC Talk 18 November

               with Michele Forte and Sue Thomas


Topic 8:  STEMx and Metaliteracy

                   December 2-18

                    Live session MOOC Talk 4 December

               with Betty Hurley-Dasgupta and HP Academy Fellows


Topic 9:  Learning Contract for Credit Seeking Participants