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The course name is Metaliteracy MOOC. It is an open learning experience that emerges from the research of Tom Mackey and Trudi Jacobson and the metaliteracy framework they first developed in Reframing Information Literacy as a Metaliteracy in College & Research Libraries. Metaliteracy is a comprehensive open learning model that reimagines information literacy for social media environments and online communities in the 21st century. Metaliteracy is a unified framework that promotes critical thinking, participatory learning, and metacognitive reflection as interrelated and ongoing collaborative practices. Metaliteracy MOOC connects learners from the University at Albany, Empire State College, and participants from around the world. Join us for this interactive dialogue among participants and engage in conversation with scholars during our regularly scheduled Metaliteracy MOOC Talks.


This Metaliteracy MOOC is facilitated by Tom Mackey, Trudi Jacobson, Jenna Hecker, Tor Loney, Nicola Allain, and Carol Yeager.  This open course will connect one undergraduate section of UUNL300x taught by Trudi Jacobson at the University Libraries  at the University at Albany with online learners pursuing guided independent studies at Empire State College, facilitated by Tom Mackey and Carol Yeager. Tor Loney and Jenna Hecker, also at the University at Albany, will include elements of the Metaliteracy MOOC in their UUNL205x courses. In addition, Nicola Allain will facilitate a graduate-level study entitled “MOOC Metacognitive Analysis” that provides another meta perspective on this experience for the Master of Arts in Learning and Emerging Technologies (MALET) at the School for Graduate Studies at Empire State College.

We welcome you to join this experience and to learn about metaliteracy as an evolving concept. This Metaliteracy MOOC will allow us to gain additional insights about teaching and learning with MOOCs by exploring our experiment in open online course sharing.

Carol Yeager, who designed the first two MOOCs for the SUNY system with Betty Hurley Dasgupta, Creativity and Multicultural Communication  and VizMath, is instructional designer and co-facilitator for Metaliteracy MOOC. Tech support is by Retsam Zhang of Guangdong Province, China. The publisher is SUNY Empire State College and the University at Albany. The time zone is EST. And the license is Creative Commons by-nc-sa.

Metaliteracy MOOC is a place where we will investigate metaliteracy as a comprehensive framework that unifies related literacy types and informs our learning in open, social, and networked environments.  Here you will engage with experts in MOOC Talks and engage with participants exploring this new territory of Metaliteracy MOOC reflection. You will be encouraged to reflect on and share your own views of metaliteracy.  And, we will join together to spread the word through our connected networks.


The development of this connectivist MOOC is still a "work in progress". with additions and edits occurring as we discover new opportunities for sharing more ideas and guest presenters.  It is open for registration and your participation.  The "live" sessions are scheduled on Wednesdays at NOON New York time.  Thank for your patience and understanding. Looking forward to seeing/reading you online. Invite your colleagues, friends and relatives for this free and open, global offering.

For a quick introduction to connectivist courses and how they work, please view the videos below and review the slideshow.

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