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Metaliteracy at the Course Level: A look at "Revising for Metaliteracy" from the forthcoming Metaliteracy in Practice book OPENBLOCKMetaliteracy.orgCLOSEBLOCK
Donna Witek, Information Constellation, July 12, 2016
This piece is cross-posted at I co-wrote it with Teresa Grettano as a preview of our chapter, "Revising for Metaliteracy: Flexible Course Design to Support Social Media Pedagogy," appearing in the forthcoming book Metaliteracy in Practice. What does a course designed intentionally for metaliteracy-as both a pedagogical method as well as a learning outcome-look like? How can a course's goals, assignments, and schedule be deliberately composed and .... 2015-10-31T11:02:00.000-04:00 [Comment]

Sabbatical 2016: Technology, Identity, & Personhood
Donna Witek, Information Constellation, September 23, 2015
In my recent internet travels, I discovered that two years ago Barbara Fister shared publicly her research proposal for a year-long sabbatical. She was subsequently awarded the sabbatical, and during academic year 2014-2015 she immersed herself in her research inquiry and created a series of digital texts that resulted from this work.I was awarded tenure this year. I had hoped to write a reflection about what this means for me and my work as an academic librarian, and I still may (though it .... 2015-09-23T19:55:00.000-04:00 [Comment]

Facebook is Broken
Donna Witek, Information Constellation, August 21, 2015
I posted the following as a Facebook 'status update' on August 19, 2015, edited a bit to add an image and links where applicable. It came after a 2-month hiatus I took from the website, and its purpose was to both explain the reason for the hiaitus and to describe my approach to Facebook moving forward. As readers of the blog will know, Facebook has been one of my primary objects of research study for six years, and yet I don't think I've blogged much about my personal .... 2015-08-21T10:41:00.001-04:00 [Comment]

Recognition for "Teaching metaliteracy" and SoTL
Donna Witek, Information Constellation, July 14, 2015
Posting a brief update to share a few exciting things that have happened in the past few months.First, my article "Teaching metaliteracy: a new paradigm in action," authored with my co-everything and dear friend Teresa Grettano, and published in 2014 in Reference Services Review 42.2, has been recognized for two different awards and honors.ALA's Library Instruction Round Table (LIRT) has named it as one of its Top Twenty 2014 Library Instruction and .... 2015-07-14T16:08:00.000-04:00 [Comment]

Flexible Frames for Pedagogical Practice: Using the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education
Donna Witek, Information Constellation, May 29, 2015
This is an experiment in sharing my work, and in effect the contents of my brain, in a manner that is "unfinished" (please be kind!). What follows are my slides and speaking notes for a presentation I gave yesterday at the Lehigh Valley Chapter of the Pennsylvania Library Association's 2015 Spring Conference. The presentation is called Flexible Frames for Pedagogical Practice: Using the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education. The first thing below is the .... 2015-05-29T17:25:00.000-04:00 [Comment]

An Exercise in Transparency
Donna Witek, Information Constellation, December 11, 2014
"Transparent" by Flickr user renemensen used under CC BY 2.0 license (human readable summary)Fall semester is winding down at my university. It's been a busy one for me, hence the four-month radio silence here on the blog. I do have some exciting things to share here, which I'm hoping to do over the next few weeks leading into the holiday.But first, I want to share my survey responses to the feedback form for the 3rd draft of the ACRL Framework for .... 2014-12-11T14:36:00.000-05:00 [Comment]

My First Keynote
Donna Witek, Information Constellation, July 25, 2014
"The library is a summons to scholarship."This Wednesday, I experienced a professional milestone: I co-presented a keynote presentation at the second annual PA Forward Information Literacy Summit, at Penn State, University Park, in State College, PA. My co-presenter was Ellysa Stern Cahoy, Education and Behavioral Sciences Librarian and Assistant Director Pennsylvania Center for the Book, at Penn State University Libraries. She and I both served on the planning committee for this one-.... 2014-07-25T16:05:00.002-04:00 [Comment]

Framework for Information Literacy Taking Shape
Donna Witek, Information Constellation, July 16, 2014
But...I believe there is still room for improvement and greater refinement into a document of strength and clarity for and within the profession.We're up to the second complete--and what the task force hopes is the near final--draft of the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education, released for public comment one month ago. Today was the final day to submit formal feedback through the survey instrument provided by the task force, and in keeping with my past practice, I will .... 2014-07-15T20:51:00.000-04:00 [Comment]

Personal Encounters with Information Literacy
Donna Witek, Information Constellation, June 18, 2014
After reading once thru new #acrlilrevisions draft, and engaging in #critlib, realizing how personal our encounters w/IL standards docs are.- Donna Witek (@donnarosemary) June 18, 2014"Describing information literacy in terms of the varying ways in which it is experienced by people, that is their conceptions, is the alternative which I propose." --Christine Bruce, The Seven Faces of Information Literacy, 1997  Yesterday, the revised draft of the ACRL Framework for .... 2014-06-18T17:04:00.000-04:00 [Comment]

Survey Responses re: ACRL IL Framework
Donna Witek, Information Constellation, April 16, 2014
Since my last blog post about the ACRL IL Framework, spring semester went and happened, and is still happening. Amidst one of the busiest semesters I've ever experienced, I have managed to write and submit responses to the survey the revision task force has asked members of the profession to fill out, offering feedback on parts 1 and 2 of the first draft of the Framework.Many smart folks have decided to post their survey responses publicly -- a practice I fully support, and have already .... 2014-04-15T22:10:00.001-04:00 [Comment]

Metaliteracy and the New Draft ACRL IL Framework
Donna Witek, Information Constellation, February 21, 2014
I want to start this post with the unabashed fact that I am a metaliteracy geek. Anyone who's been reading this blog during the past year and a half should know this. But on the chance that this is one of the first posts you are reading here, it's worth stating at the outset that I totally get metaliteracy, believe it is a thing, and an important one at that. So much so that my research partner, Teresa, and I chose to present our study findings related to the effects of social media .... 2014-02-21T19:48:00.002-05:00 [Comment]

Status Updates on Various Fronts
Donna Witek, Information Constellation, January 14, 2014
It has been an eventful month! I want to share here some of the things going on, but due to the quantity I will need to do so in short bursts of photos and text.Bookie looking contemplatively out of our living roomwindow. Yes she's wearing three headbands.***The Metaliteracy MOOC ended in December. Unfortunately, due to the rigorous nature of applying for promotion during the month of October, I fell behind in the MOOC talks and was unable to catch back up. I do have links to all the .... 2014-01-14T21:44:00.001-05:00 [Comment]

AcWriMo 2013 Recap
Donna Witek, Information Constellation, December 7, 2013
November ended almost a week ago, and along with it my first AcWriMo experience. At the very beginning of the month, there was this:#AcWriMo protip: don't try to declare your goals on the mondo Google spreadsheet w/ a toddler nearby. #oops #thankGodforundo #mommaprof- Donna Witek (@donnarosemary) November 3, 2013 But once I got the hang of navigating the accountability spreadsheet to record my progress, I got nervous about user error resulting in parts of my log being deleted. So, I .... 2013-12-06T21:56:00.000-05:00 [Comment]

Open Forum on Revised ACRL Info Lit Standards
Donna Witek, Information Constellation, November 5, 2013
This afternoon the ACRL, the governing body of my discipline here in America, hosted the third of three open forums about the revision process of the Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education. I decided to live tweet the event (#ACRLILRevisions), and the conversation happening among academic librarians across the country was good and useful. After the event, I remarked to my research partna', Teresa--who both attended the online forum with me and my fellow librarians .... 2013-11-04T22:02:00.002-05:00 [Comment]

Application for Promotion and Communities of Practice
Donna Witek, Information Constellation, November 3, 2013
...or, the November I did AcWriMo. But more on that in a moment.On Friday, November 1st, I met the biggest deadline of my career thus far. The deadline was not just for my application materials (pictured). It was the deadline by which I needed to have met five qualifying criteria for promotion to the rank of Associate Professor, having to do with my three areas of faculty responsibility: librarianship, scholarship, and service. Without describing them in detail, suffice it to say, the .... 2013-11-03T16:43:00.000-05:00 [Comment]

Metacognition & Information in New Contexts
Donna Witek, Information Constellation, October 4, 2013
Image source.In the Metaliteracy MOOC I'm playing around with how I record my responses to the information presented to us by the facilitators. Writing longform blog posts does not appear to be my go-to preference; interestingly, tweeting my way through the MOOC Talks, or even some of the text-based readings, is working out better for me. This is ironic for me because I'm experiencing the talks asynchronously--so, not live, but via recording after-the-fact, due to the fact .... 2013-10-04T19:47:00.002-04:00 [Comment]

Librarians as Knowledge Creators
, Information Constellation, August 29, 2013
...or, the first post on my blog with citations at the end of it. (The publications I'm responding to here are not freely available online, otherwise a simple hyperlink would do.)Yesterday evening I posted the following status update to Facebook:Bookie's role in my life tonight: Cheerer-Upper for Mommy, who is seeing red after encountering certain viewpoints in her research and is snuggling with Bookie to make the red haze disperse. Anyone who challenges the idea that having a baby .... 2013-03-23T17:13:00.001-04:00 [Comment]

MOOCing it up, #metaliteracy style
, Information Constellation, August 29, 2013
A whole slew of things in my work and in my head are converging in a learning experience called the Metaliteracy MOOC.If you're in higher ed in almost any capacity, you've likely encountered the term "MOOC", which stands for Massively Open Online Course, in any number of headlines. If you're not in higher ed, those links will give you an idea of what most MOOCs look like right now. In many cases the MOOC is interpreted as the harbinger of doom for higher ed as we know it.But .... 2013-08-29T20:21:00.000-04:00 [Comment]

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